My name is Jerry Saunders.

I vividly remember the day I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was working as Private Armed Security, and my day was going along just about like any other day.

That is until I walked in the restroom and found my whole body, even my eyes, was yellow as a highlighter.

Fortunately, I had been a nurse for several years and knew just how dangerous my situation was, even though I felt okay.

I immediately called my boss and told him I needed a replacement as soon as possible so that I could go to the Emergency Room.

The ER was so crowded that doctors were talking to patients in the hallway.

So, about 6 hours later, when the Nurse Practitioner told me she would go over the test results as soon as they had a consultation room available, I knew I was in trouble.

That’s when I heard the words everyone fears.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Saunders, you have pancreatic cancer.”

My mind went numb. Nothing in the world made sense.

For weeks I was walking around, dazed and confused, not knowing if I had a few weeks or a few months to live.

Since I have been an avid reader for years, I did what came naturally. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about surviving cancer. Trust me, a lot of it was junk.

Then one day I woke up and realized I wasn’t really living at all.

I was trapped in the purgatory of reading statistics, wondering “why me?”, consuming vast oceans of conflicting information and wondering where the last 58 years gone and why I hadn’t done enough with my life.

As you already know, it’s not easy, and just like everybody else, I ran into problems with fear, frustration, and feelings of helplessness. There are still times when I still do. But now I have ways of getting back on track quickly.

The difference is, now I spend my energy and time building a new life that keeps me thriving.

Part of new life is creating Mind Beats Cancer because I have a sincere desire to help you to stop struggling to survive cancer and to start thriving.

I firmly believe that the human mind and spirit, when properly focused, are strong enough to beat cancer.

Just what do I mean by “beating” cancer?

An undefeated will to live is just as crucial as chemotherapy, radiation, exercise, nutrition, or natural treatments.

It is “the” critical factor. All the treatments and “cures” in the world are worthless if you lack the strong will to live.

Whether you live another twelve months or another twelve years (or much longer), the secret is to really “live” your life.

Going through life on auto-pilot is no longer an option.

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to be born with a strong will. It can be created from scratch. And you can do it!

Another significant problem is that many cancer survivors have spent so much time and effort fighting cancer that they have forgotten there is still a life to live during and after cancer.

Far too many good people have gotten past successful treatment of cancer only to feel lost, worried, and isolated. To make it worse, friends and family may expect you to simply pick up and start again.

Arriving at a new life and being completely lost can be almost as devastating as the fight against cancer itself.

You can prevent this from happening to you.

That is why I am here to help inspire and you to share some tools, ideas, methods, and resources to help you break the cycle of struggling just to survive and to start thriving.

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