Who’s Software Are You Running?

The mind works sort of like a computer. Whatever you program into it is what runs it. It considers everything you tell it to be “true.” Unfortunately, the programming works both ways—you store both the good and the bad. This is why you sometimes don’t follow through or do things you know you need to do to get what you want.

So why would you install programs that can harm you?

The challenge is, you don’t always install those programs yourself—but you do allow the process to take place.

Sometimes other people will attempt to install their programs on your hard drive (mind). In fact, this happens every day as you grow, learn, take in information, interact with others and are influenced by media around you. Most of the time this is a good function. It’s not so good when the messages being installed go against who you really are or who you really want to become. This can go a long ways toward slowing or stopping your personal growth.

You are constantly surrounded with messages that can influence you in ways you really won’t find helpful. You receive them from well-meaning parents, friends, relatives, society, the media, and so on. Together with your own inner messages (inner knowing, personal convictions, knowledge about who you are and what your purpose is), these imposing messages form your belief systems.

When you have enough outside influences, your own inner knowing—your own program—is overpowered. Given enough time and repetition it can eventually be overwritten.

So why would anyone try to overwrite your program?

Well, think about it. Are you guilty of trying to overwrite somebody else’s program? I have—lots of times. Do you ever find yourself trying to convince somebody that you know what they really need to do? You probably have, especially if you have children or younger siblings.

At times we tend to think that we know better than the next person and we often
tend to forget one very important thing: they are their own unique beings.

You mean well, of course. You truly want what’s best for them. You don’t want them to get hurt—so you better warn them, right?! It’s a dangerous world out there—better warn them before they suffer the mistakes I did!

Thinking and speaking in negative and limiting terms is often equated with “growing up,” being realistic, and realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and so on. These kinds of messages are poison. They are harmful. They kill our joy, enthusiasm, and energy.
Ironically, negative messages are often the most commonly accepted ones. Because they sound so familiar, you tend not to question them.

If the negative messages are never questioned, they become “true” – your life’s guiding principles. You simply forget about our own program. The insights, beliefs and passions you are born with.

But you are not a computer! Negative programming can be forgotten—but not erased. There’s always a few backup files lurking somewhere. Occasionally they will pop up. Eventually, the inner knowledge and desires for your own personal fulfillment will question the conflicting messages, and you will experience a clash between what we are taught and what we deeply know to be true. When this happens you become disillusioned and unhappy because deep down inside you know that you are living in a life that is not your o

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